The major is very broad. I think they compliment each other. Sociology and Social Work Sociology is just one of the majors that work with a criminal justice degree. Page | 1 . While pursuing two degrees at one time sounds like an efficient way to get school out of the way, it does mean more work and a tighter schedule. This double major will enhance job opportunities in the field or provide a solid foundation for graduate school. Sociology majors learn to think critically about social problems and social phenomena. To double major or not? If you're intrigued by how and why people interact with others as they do, then maybe sociology is the major for you. This foundation will help you understand the social forces that affect crime. Double Major Programmes . Programme Title Subject Prerequisites Web Link

It's a question facing many college students.

When you select the right second major, you can increase your chances of securing a criminal justice job. in social work , minor in psychology and a minor in criminology. Social work, while it deals with similar general issues to sociology, is typically a far more hands-on field.Social workers are either direct-service social workers, who provide immediate help to people with solving everyday personal and social problems, and clinical social workers, who like psychologists help their clients cope with mental and behavioral issues in a clinical setting. Depending on your school, you can often complete a double major in the same amount of time that you would a single major. Singapore-Cambridge GCE ‘ A’ Level Information accurate as at 20 February 2020. I am currently a student with an A.O.C. Before you decide to become a double major student, it's important to know what it entails and how it can affect your college life. And, while our social work program follows a prescribed course plan to meet national accreditation standards, the interconnected nature of our department makes it possible to achieve a double major in sociology and social work in four years with careful planning. In my opinion, your options with a degree in Social Work are much greater, than your options with a degree in Sociology. Sociology & Social Work.

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