Othello comes out, furious at the disorder, and fires Cassio. At this moment, Othello enters. Iago tricks Cassio into speaking about Bianca, a woman he is having an affair with, while leading Othello to believe Cassio is describing Desdemona. Iago darts out in the commotion, stabs Cassio in the leg, and exits. One such interpretation within the analysis is that Iago is motivated by jealousy of Othello’s love for Desdemona, and is maddened by a repressed homosexual desire.

Arise. Her husband, Iago, kills her because she was about to reveal the plans set in motion by him. He is arrested and his fate gets to be decided by Cassio, who is promoted to the position of governor of Cyprus.

Iago opposes Othello because Othello chose to promote Cassio to lieutenant instead of Iago. No, Iago does not die in Othello, making him one of the few Shakespearean villains to escape the play with his life. Iago suggests that Cassio turn to Desdemona to convince Othello to re-hire him. 2.3 After Iago gets him drunk, Cassio fights with Roderigo, and then with Montano, who's just trying to calm him down. Iago is the play's main antagonist, and Othello's standard-bearer. In the same effect, the highest form of emotion that drives Othello’s and Iago’s deeds and the entire plotline to its denouement is jealousy. Also, Iago is prejudice against Othello for his skin colour. Not knowing who has stabbed him, Cassio falls. In the original play of Othello by William Shakespeare, Iago does not die. One person who manages to avoid this fate is Iago; his villainy is revealed and he is physically assaulted by Othello, but he is still alive at the end of the play. Emilia was to reveal in public that it was Iago, and not Cassio, who had Desdemona’s handkerchief hence dispelling the rumor that her lady had cheated on Othello. Othello was a victim of the time he lived in. Iago mentions this suspicion again at the end of Act II, scene i, explaining that he lusts after Desdemona because he wants to get even with Othello “wife for wife” (II.i. Iago is imitating someone he is not to get the life he desires and is taking advantage of Othello simply to announce his vengeance for him and Othello does not know about it. As a result, Cassio’s comments, such as “She is persuaded I will marry her / Out of her own love and flattery, not out of my promise” (4.1.) 5) How does Iago use Bianca to trick Othello? Othello, like any other Shakespeare tragedy, ends with a multitude of deaths. Iago is saying that in following Othello as a leader he can also follow his wishes to seek revenge of him by tricking him in to believing that he is his good friend. 3.1 Iago …

First of all Othello is a play in which we see Iago using other characters as pawns. Hearing Cassio’s cries of murder, Othello believes that Iago has killed him. Iago and Women Iago’s opinion and treatment of women in the play also contribute to the audience's perception of him as cruel and unpleasant. He is arrested and his fate gets to be decided by Cassio, who is promoted to the position of governor of Cyprus. In the play Othello by William Shakespeare many deaths are witnessed because of the doings of Iago.

Inspired by what he believes to be Iago’s successful vengeance, Othello returns to his bedroom to kill Desdemona. There is a hint of this in Act 3, Scene 3, as Iago, pledging his loyalty to his general, tells Othello, “I am your own forever”. The tragic play “Othello” written by William Shakespeare gives the audience a feeling of catharsis- the feeling of joy and pity together. So it is quite obvious that the player would use the pawn only till it is useful. Iago is also happy to ruin Desdemona’s happiness just to get revenge on Othello. Iago is a man who is full …show more content… In the final scene Othello, Emilia, Roderigo and Desdemona are dead. The second victim of a murder in Othello is Emilia, Desdemona’s lady in waiting. Iago not only gets other people to commit murder but he also is a murderer himself. Iago is also racist, which in those days was not uncommon but in order arouse Desdemona’s father he uses such expressions as (Ii L90)”An old back ram is tupping your white ewe. An injured Roderigo is of no use to him so … He is the husband of Emilia, who is in turn the attendant of Othello's wife Desdemona. 286).

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