Smart job seekers know that they have to prepare for the interview to know how to sell themselves, handle challenging questions, and overcome concerns in their histories or experience levels. Remember it is an extension of who you are and should be used as an enhancement tool. If you tell the interviewer you will send them your reference tomorrow, make sure you do it well within your deadline. To do so, it is necessary to think about the type of questions that will likely be asked in your interview. You want to first establish a rapport with the interviewer, and then utilize the portfolio no more than 3-5 times throughout the interview. This way, if something does go wrong on your way to the interview, you can let them know. There’s no better way to greet your interviewer than with a genuine, sweet smile.
This can help you streamline, or winnow, the portfolio so that it is a compact picture of your professionalism. If the answer is negative, you can at least use the call to get a valuable feedback on your performance , trying to understand the … DO NOT OVERUSE! If you’re in a creative industry—like advertising, journalism, graphic design, architecture, or fashion—you should bring samples of your work that you can give to the interviewer.
This will also help ensure that you don’t … Likewise, if you receive an e-mail from the hiring manager, be sure to reply in a timely manner.

Win the Interview with Your Career Portfolio.

However, when you’re waiting to be seen by the hiring manager, avoid checking your phone – you don’t want to be caught red-handed when your interviewer approaches you out of nowhere.


Do not hand the interviewer your portfolio at the beginning of an interview – unless it is requested. Then, you will need to be thoroughly knowledgeable about its contents, so that as you answer the interviewer's questions, you can support your responses with documents and access them …

You will call them to collect your portfolio, and, just by chance, you will use the opportunity to ask them whether they still consider hiring you. You'll need to tell them this is what you've wanted to do your entire life, and that your commited 100% to making it happen, tell them you'll study hard, really absorb everything you learn and be able to apply it to clinical practice. If you're providing hard copies, take extra copies with you to the interview in case you meet other decision makers with the organization. On your phone’s notepad app, or on the directions you’ve printed out, write out the name and contact information of your interviewer(s). Use a "sample" watermark on documents you store on a USB flash drive so you don't compromise patents or copyrights. It speaks volumes about the type of employee you might be and how you work to deadlines. By Laura DeCarlo. Leave copies of your work samples with the interviewer. Smile. "Offer to send your full portfolio electronically later on," Button says.

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