While no chapter within a novel is an island, it can work as a short story where you have a decided beginning, middle, and end. Short chapters are a gift to readers who may not have the time or stamina to handle 70 pages at a sitting. Long answer: It's probably better if they don't, at least for beginning writers. For a young reader, reaching goals is important. None. One popular way to approach chapters is to consider each as its own short story. Sure this can get pretty complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Short answer: yes. I have seen a few short stories with chapters in a few literary journals. I am trying it out just for the sake of trying something new, but I am not sure how I feel about it.

But you might want to use the information here to check your choices and perhaps make any small adjustments.) The stories aren't any longer, but they have five or so chapters. This is a good way to do it.

What do you guys think about this style?

Ever write a short story with chapters? In short story format for your novella, you would indicate new chapters simply by skipping a line, then centering the chapter header on its own line. Each chapter is one to three pages long.

In novel format, you could either do it that way or by starting each new chapter on its own page, with the chapter heading centered halfway down the page.

As their eyelids get heavy and their mind starts to wander into the dreamlands, they struggle to read just a little bit further.

A short story by its definition should be recounted in one continuous narrative. Longer short stories can have chapters (for one example of how this works, look at Servants of the Map, by Andrea Barrett [the short story, not her collection of short stories with the same name])--or sections, whatever you want to call them. (Incidentally, you have probably already divided your novel into chapters using your instincts. The novella contains chapters but is not long enough for a novel.

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