Macduff refusal to attend is essentially an act of treason He was so paranoid about people wanted to murder him, because of his tyrant behavior. Brittney Thorpe By the end of the play, Macbeth was basically all alone.

Trust and Distrust. In other words, although Macbeth knows that these women are witches, he has developed an instant trust towards them.This explains why he wants to know more about what they have to say. Macbeth had no one Bleed, bleed, poor country! 3. Get an answer for 'The question I need to answer is: What other factors (besides the witches) contribute to Macbeth's and Banquo's increasing distrust of one another? He couldn't enjoy his king title in peace and he couldn't trust anyone, because he betrayed everyone. The heartbroken way he announces it spells trouble for Macbeth: Duncan was a beloved king. Macduff's dislike/distrust of Macbeth is established by his refusal to go to Scone to attend Macbeth's coronation as this coronation would certainly include the nobles' swearing allegiance to their new king. Macduff’s lines of genuine horror and remorse at the death of king contrast with the suspicion and distrust Macbeth’s subjects will feel for him once he takes Duncan’s place.

Malcom and Donalbain expresses deep doubts and misgivings over other people when they see that conspiracies are being hatched to kill them, too. The theme of trust and distrust also looms large in the background of Macbeth’s ambition and treachery.

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