Even though China has ratified the United Nations’ Convention on Rights of Persons With Disabilities, the government still has no strategy to achieve the goals set out by the conference (Farrar, 2014). Because of these discriminations put on others, there are plenty of ways to stop such hatred. Because of discrimination against the disabled, there have been negative impacts on society; for example, society has turned disabilities into inabilities. Ableism has been around for a long time and continues to be an issue today. Since the passing of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, discrimination against the disabled has slowed and many disabled Americans have become employed (ADA, 2011). This treatment is unfair, unnecessary and against the law (www.adcq.gld.gov.au). Whilst discrimination and oppression against disabled people in the workplace continues to occur, recent legislation aims to level the playing field by ensuring that employers and service providers do not adopt discriminatory attitudes towards the disabled, and apart from treating them at par with able bodied people take cognizance of their needs and provide for the same. There are several new regulations for the workplace that helps the disabled get fair treatment… Get Your Custom Essay on Disability Discrimination Just from $13,9/Page Get?custom paper He is being discriminated because the waiter wouldn’t treat him the same as other customers and service them, the waiter doesn’t want to give service because he is disable. the majority indicates that the discrimination against the disabled in modern society is still a reality, and although the social effects of this phenomenon are less obvious than those associated with earlier more violent times they are none the less debilitating for those concerned. Discrimination against the disabled is common, and many disabled people in China are barred from even the most basic human rights. are many isms that exist in today’s American culture. We all should to be aware of how and where d Discrimination of any sort, especially against individuals with disability, is one of the grave issues that plague the ideology and constitution of society at large. As the Government states in the ‘Improving the Life Chances of Disabled People 2005’ that they hoped to achieve pesonalisation for all people in Britain by 2025. (ODI, 2008) In conclusion people with learning disabilities have historically suffered from social inclusion, discrimination and being marginalised resulting from legislation and policies from the past. Many changes have been made to accommodate the disabled. Everybody wants a fair chance to succeed in life but discrimination means that some people are denied opportunities or are treated badly because of their disability.

Because of these discriminations put on others, there are plenty of ways to stop such hatred. Governments all across the world have hence passed many laws and acts to prevent workplace prejudice.

This essay is an attempt to The Problem Of Discrimination Against The Disabled Essay 1197 Words | 5 Pages.

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