While it does not take much to achieve this lifestyle many people these days are unable to follow it owing to several reasons such as professional commitments, lack of determination and personal issues. Long term, eating a balanced diet, taking regular exercise and maintaining a healthy weight can add years to your life and reduce the risk of certain diseases including cancer , diabetes , cardiovascular disease , osteoporosis and obesity . Sticking to a healthy lifestyle can be tough.

It takes a good amount of determination to lead a healthy lifestyle these days. High blood pressure. Talk about yourself having a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle is the foundation of a good life.

Type 2 diabetes.

Please say: What stops you from having a healthy lifestyle? What are the disadvantages of not having a healthy lifestyle?

High cholesterol.

These … The diet encourages you to eat a variety of foods from all the food groups, emphasizing fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean sources of protein and low-fat dairy. By not getting regular exercise, you raise your risk of. The Effects of a Healthy Lifestyle. The diabetic diet is a healthy diet in general 1. This is because or body need energy source to perform well for the whole day. It is the need for people of all ages in order to have well-performed body. Look at the topic below for one minute.

The diet also encourages portion control and eating meals regularly. Heart diseases, including coronary artery disease and heart attack. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle requires persistence and dedication, but not without reward. Not all diseases are preventable, but a large proportion of deaths, particularly those from coronary heart disease and lung cancer, can be avoided. Metabolic syndrome. You may make notes if you wish. Breakfast is one of the important meal time we should not miss. A healthy lifestyle has both short and long term health benefits. Certain cancers, including colon, breast, and uterine cancers. Regular exercise, not smoking, limited alcohol consumption, adequate sleep and a balanced diet are all aspects of a healthy lifestyle.

The IELTS Speaking Exam, Part 2. The best time for having breakfast is one hour after getting up from sleep. Having an inactive lifestyle can be one of the causes of many chronic diseases. After all, what sounds more fun: walking around the block or going to a sports bar for some wings and beer? These are the myths that usually stop us from having a healthy lifestyle: I don’t have enough time to do it. In this part you have to speak for 1-2 minutes about a topic.

A healthy lifestyle is a way of living that lowers the risk of being seriously ill or dying early.

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