Prejudice is where I have a preconceived notion about you based on certain (typically physical or religious) attributes. So far, we have made some progress. Racism is a phenomenon whose results can be dangerous for other people.

Stereotypes are oversimplified generalizations about groups of people. Prejudice can be defined as a preconceived notion or a learning towards or against someone or something. Therefore, someone can be prejudiced towards a certain group but not discriminate against them. These can be either positive or negative. Stereotypes can be based on race, ethnicity, age, gender, sexual orientation—almost any characteristic. Racism is a word used when you are talking about prejudice related to a specific race. The major difference between prejudice and racism is that a person can be prejudice even if he is not a racist but a person can’t be referred to as racist if he is not prejudiced. It is safe to say that the major difference between prejudice and discrimination is while the former has to do with a biased attitude, the latter focuses on behavior or mistreatment/unfair action. A prejudiced person may not act on their attitude. The terms stereotype, prejudice, discrimination, and racism are often used interchangeably in everyday conversation. Discrimination relates to the unjust or negative handling of a person or a group from other people because he/she belongs to a …

Conclusion of the Main Difference Between Prejudice vs Discrimination . It is designed in such a way that it ensures man’s survival against the environment and his growth as an individual. Let us explore the differences between these concepts. Difference Between Prejudice and Discrimination Difference Between Prejudice and Discrimination. But, in reality, they are apart and have different connotations. Prejudice: Discrimination: Prejudice is an unreasonable and indefensible attitude towards an individual only because of his membership in a social group.

Human behavior is defined as man’s reaction or response to either an external or an internal factor. Prejudice vs Discrimination Prejudice and discrimination are two different words that are deeply interrelated that many take them as synonyms ignoring the difference between them. Discrimination vs Prejudice.

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