To use an abstract class, you need to inherit it. From Java 8, it can have default and static methods also. An abstract class required when we want some default behavior in our project as like in DAO layer there are some common behavior save object, delete object etc. To use an interface you need to implement the interface and provide body to (override) all the abstract methods of it. Java interface is required when we want implement contract between service and client. Abstract keyword : In an abstract interface keyword, is optional for declaring a method as an abstract. All the members of the interface are public by default. Since both abstract class and interface are different entity, they have few differences: Multiple Inheritance:We can achieve multiple inheritance using Interfaces. All the methods of an interface are abstract. abstract class real world example. Since ABAP doesn’t support more than one Super class, we can have only one abstract class as Super class. An abstract class is a class that can have concrete and abstract methods. Final Variables: Variables declared in a Java interface are by default final. Example 1: Interface vs. Abstract Class. In an abstract class, the abstract keyword is compulsory for declaring a method as an abstract. If you are not writing an implementation of any method then that method should be defined with abstract keyword. Abstract class can have abstract and non-abstract methods. Interface and Abstract class in java programming. real time example of Interface in java. This is very popular interview question for the beginners as well for experienced. Class type : …

Real time example of abstract class and interface in java projects. They provide almost the same capabilities now. So essentially the line between interfaces and abstract classes has become very thin. A class contains one or more abstract methods than that class must be declared with an abstract keyword. If you see we are now able to provide a partial implementation with interfaces as well, just like abstract classes. This comparison emphasizes the advantage of an abstract class over an interface focused on the calculation of the angle between two straight lines.

5.1) Difference between abstract class and interface in Java 8. Members of an abstract class can be public, private, protected or default. In simple words, if you have some common methods that can be used by multiple classes go for abstract classes. It can extend only one class or one abstract class at a time. Provide body to (override) the abstract methods if there are any. The abstract keyword is used to declare abstract class. Else if you want the classes to follow some definite blueprint go for interfaces. Differences. From Java 8, it can have default and static methods also.

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