Bei Verdacht auf Malaria erkundigt sich der Arzt nach den Beschwerden des Patienten (siehe Kapitel Symptome). Misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis of malaria is common and may lead to catastrophic results 4, 16 as nonimmune people are at higher risk of developing severe or complicated malaria (see below). Accurate malaria diagnosis requires adequate techniques and adequate training/experience. Diagnosis of malaria is made with the help of microscopic examination of the blood samples.

The doctor will also often perform a physical exam. BACKGROUND: The gross number of malaria cases is on the increas e worldwide mainly due to limitations of traditional methods fo r malaria diagnosis.

The symptoms of malaria may resemble flu, gastroenteritis, typhoid or other viral fevers. RDTs are an alternative to diagnosis based on clinical grounds or microscopy, particularly where good quality microscopy services cannot be readily provided. Laboratory diagnosis of malaria requires the identification of the parasite or its antigens/ products in the patient’s blood. The requirements of a diagnostic test are specificity, sensitivity, ease of performance and a reasonable cost. Both are considered in this revised guideline. Malaria rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs) assist in the diagnosis of malaria by providing evidence of the presence of malaria parasites in human blood. Eine Malaria-Erkrankung kann ohne Therapie rasch lebensgefährlich werden. Recommended procedures Microscopy in the detection of malaria parasites and in the identification of species Basic procedures. These Guidelines are intended for use in the UK and may also be applicable to other non‐endemic areas. The diagnosis of malaria may in fact be pursued by the direct demonstration of the parasite whole cell or of parasite’s nucleic acid or products in the blood (direct diagnosis) or by the demonstration of the patient’s immune response to the infection (indirect diagnosis or immunodiagnosis). Malaria Home > Malaria Diagnosis When making a malaria diagnosis, the doctor will usually ask about the patient's medical history, recent travel history, symptoms, and current medications. Außerdem fragt er nach Aufenthalten in tropischen Ländern (Reiseanamnese).

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