Materials and Methods: This analytical cross-sectional study was conducted on patients referred to the Mashhad faculty of Dentistry and private clinics with dental implants in 2015. No, the real debate: is a dentist a doctor or is a physician the only real doctor? What are the primary differences between dentistry and medicine? by Dr. Toral Ardeshna | posted in: General Dentistry | 0 . It depends on which area of the body you like.. Also you should consider becoming a doctor which deals with the rest of the body. 12 Nov 2019 . All 3 have good quality of life. I think maybe the only other health care doctor other than a dentist that takes more of a beating is the chiropractor (as Rodney Dangerfield stated, “I get no respect!”). ... Dentistry can be very stressful, but quality of life is important. dentist vs doctor’s quality of life . They are both great fields. Dentists mostly make braces and clean your teeth. Physicians are tasked with taking care of the foot and ankle. The present study aimed to compare the quality of life (QOL) of patients requesting dental implants before and after implant. Not just the United States, but several countries around the world consider oral health as something different from the rest of the body.

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