Find a summary of this and each chapter of Coriolanus! 39 terms.

Summary Act 1 ACT I SCENE 1 Angered by a food shortage and led by the First Citizen, a Roman mob armed with clubs and other potentially deadly implements, rally to make demands of the Roman ruling class, arguing that the said ruling class are hoarding surplus grain and profiting at the citizenry’s expense.

Junius Brutus. [Cornets. Looking for Coriolanus quotes? Contents Twelfth Night Quotes and Speakers.

Opinion that so sticks on CORIOLANUS shall Of his demerits rob Cominius. 21 terms.

Coriolanus Act 5. Help.

He had, my lord; and that it was which caused Our swifter composition.

Cor's contempt towards the people. On Aufidius Act 1. As with so many of his play, in his final tragedy Shakespeare brings his characters to life with powerful dialogue and some fantastic quotes. Act III, Scene 1.

Midsummer - Peter Quince.

Tullus Aufidius then had made new head? Coriolanus Act 2. 23 terms. Coriolanus Act 3 Quotations. Twelfth Night Act 1 Scene 5.

Scene 2 (Coriolanus, Act 3 Scene 3) Anger's my meat: I sup upon myself, And so shall starve with feeding.

Quizlet Live.

(Menenius, Act 3 Scene 1) Action is eloquence. Match.

Chapter Summary for William Shakespeare's Coriolanus, act 1 scene 1 summary.

He is a lion / That I am proud to hunt.

Titus Lartius.


Coriolanus, Act 5, Scene 6.


Read our selection of the very best quotes from Coriolanus along with speaker, act and scene. Mobile.

Peace is very apoplexy, lethargy: mulled, deaf, sleepy, insensible; a getter of more bastard children than war’s a destroyer of men. Terms in this set (26) ... Coriolanus Act 1.

Features. Cor's admiration and respect for Aufidius. The plot is based on the Roman legend of Gaius Marcius Coriolanus as told by Plutarch and Livy .

Quizlet Learn. Coriolanus, Act 1, Scene 1 Coriolanus is criticizing the citizens who are revolting, particularly about him. Created by. Menenius, Act 3, Scene 1 Many of the wisest words in this play are spoken by Menenius, a member of the Roman consul. Key Quotes on Coriolanus. Sign up.


STUDY. (Cominius, Act 3 Scene 1) His nature is too noble for the world: He would not flatter Neptune for his trident, Or Jove for’s power to thunder. Write. (Volumnia, Act 3 scene 2) There is a world elsewhere. Let me have war, say I; it exceeds peace as far as day does night; it’s spritely, waking, audible, and full of vent. Come: 300 Half all Cominius' honours are to CORIOLANUS. PLAY. Tusmo_Ismail. Learn. Coriolanus is an historical tragedy by William Shakespeare, probably written around 1607-8. When Brutus and Sicinius tell Coriolanus that the plebeians will not accept him as consul of Rome, Coriolanus becomes furious and berates the plebeians for their stupidity.


Though CORIOLANUS earned them not, and all his faults To CORIOLANUS shall be honours, though indeed In aught he …

The scene escalates until swords are drawn and Coriolanus hides at a Senator’s house until an airing of grievances can be arranged.

Scene 1. In this passage, he prophetically points out the fatal flaws in Coriolanus that will eventually lead to his undoing after the title character alienates the …

He reproaches them for complaining too much about the current food shortage. OTHER SETS BY THIS CREATOR. A street.

50 terms. Enter CORIOLANUS, MENENIUS, all the] [p]Gentry, COMINIUS, TITUS LARTIUS, and other Senators] Coriolanus.

Gravity. Act 3. Rome. 36 terms. Flashcards.

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