You are entitled to a dissolution of your marriage, sometimes referred to as a divorce, under California law based on irreconcilable differences. They only way to obtain a copy of this record through this facility is by mail. Anyone in need of a divorce record from the vital records office must provide an application form, which is found on the department’s website. Santa Clara Divorce Records contain all publicly available documents relating to a couple's divorce in Santa Clara, California. How to Serve Divorce Papers in California When you initiate the divorce process , you’re supposed to let your spouse know—and you do that by service . Respond to a Case. To get copies of divorce documents, go to the courthouse and ask for a copy or send a request through the mail. You can search online for the location of a divorce decree, but you likely need to obtain a copy from the vital statistics office, the local Department of Records or the courthouse where the divorce occurred. Divorce (Dissolution), Legal Separation or Nullity. (See the Superior Court if you believe you may qualify for a … California law says that you must give the other party formal notice that you’ve begun the legal process; the legal way to do that is by having him or her served with a copy of the same paperwork you filed with the court. * In Orange County, California, you should file your documents with the Superior Court of California located at 341 The City Drive, Orange, CA 92868. Currently, only Family Law Divorce Judgments that have been imaged are available to order through this site.

Generally, it is difficult to obtain a copy of a divorce decree online. In California certified copies of divorce decrees are either authorized or informational and must be obtained from the specific county Superior Court where the divorce papers were filed. How to get copies of your divorce decree (judgment) There may be a time, even years after your divorce, that you need a copy of the divorce papers.

Divorce or Separation. Dissolution (Divorce) and Legal Separation – What is the difference? Also keep a copy for your records. The California Department of Public Health’s Vital Records department allows anyone to obtain a copy of a divorce record in California. Divorce Records searches reveal divorce papers filed in Santa Clara Courts and divorce certificates. Finish Case. Start a Case.

Fault in causing the breakdown of the marriage is no longer relevant in California. If you are starting a case, you will always be the Petitioner. If you are responding to an already filed case, you will always be the Respondent in this case. If you are legally married, you may file a case to end your marriage and obtain orders regarding children, support and property. The state of California also maintains an index, known as the California Divorce Index, which is available for public record searches of Divorce filings.

** Note: The Superior Court requires payment of filing fees. If your judgment is not available on-line, and if you are requesting a case that was filed after 2004, please contact the originating court where the case was filed to confirm the case location. A list of individuals who qualify as an authorized requestor is provided below. Additional document types will be made available in the future.

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