The conference contribution may in some cases involve a paper but can also be a poster or an oral presentation. If the publications are filled with full papers, they are considered proceedings, or conference proceedings.
The Difference between a Conference Paper and a Journal Paper Almost all researchers have been there. Let us just begin by saying that whether… Almost all researchers have been there. Abbreviated papers are referred to as abstracts or conference abstracts. The threshold of having an abstract accepted is much lower than a paper. Learning how to write an abstract for a conference is a critical skill for early-career researchers. Conference proceedings only publish abstracts, electronic searchable databases only display abstracts and article reviewers receive only abstracts when they are invited to review papers. Conference abstracts can be simple (1 page), or extended (2-5 pages). depending on which abstracts may contain varying levels of finalized conclusions. The amount of confusion between the two has only been increasing in this Internet age where access to journals and conferences alike is readily available online.
The purpose of an abstract is to summarise – in a single paragraph – the major aspects of the paper you want to present, so it’s important you learn to write a complete but concise abstract that does your conference paper justice. An abstract is generally just a one page discussion of your research and results. The conference abstract may be written before most of the work has actually been done (this is quite common with some conferences in my field) and becomes an "advertisement" for what might come. Once you do the poster or presentation, you generally should drop the abstract off of your CV and just list the poster or presentation. Abstracts are generally available online for free, whereas online access to full-text articles -- to read or to download -- may require a paid subscription.

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