A bank is like a pool into which the flow of savings, the idle surplus money of households and from which loans are given on interest to individuals and others who need them for investment or productive uses. DEFINITION OF A BANK.

By 2008 Islamic banking was growing at a rate of 10–15% per year and continued growth was forecast. “A Bank … increasing the distribution and selling of specialized business products to commercial customers is focused more. Many banks focus on those markets that provide them with the best mix market growth and target clients concentration. Conclusion of state bank of India? 13/09/2015 4.

banking services private sector banks are leading except in details of credit card balance which is (11.1 per cent) in the case of private sector and (14.8 per cent) in public sector . A commercial bank is where most people do their banking, as opposed to an investment bank. The Islamic Bank of Britain, the first Islamic commercial bank established outside the Muslim world, was not established until 2004. Functions of commercial banks 1. Wiki User 2012-02-07 15:41:49. 13/09/2015 2. Le terme de banque renvoie à deux conceptions. TYPES OF COMMERCIAL BANKS. FUNCTIONS OF COMMERCIAL BANKS. State Bank Of India earlier known as Imperial Bank has proved. Thus, from the foregoing we can conclude that the commercial bank credit in Nigeria, despite its reform in financial sector, effect positively on the industrial growth in Nigeria from 1980-2009. FINDINGS, SUGGESTIONS AND CONCLUSION 7.1 Introduction This chapter summarizes the findings emerged from analysis of the results pertaining to various aspects of e-banking / Internet banking, few suggestions have been recommended for the efficient functioning and effective management of the e-banking and internet banking. 13/09/2015 3.

CONCLUSION. Soit il s'agit d'un secteur d'activité économique, celui traitant les opérations de banque — le secteur bancaire —, qui comprend les fournisseurs et les distributeurs des contrats relatifs à ces opérations. Commercial banks make money by providing loans and earning interest income from those loans.

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