To add your essay on anarchism, please send it in an e-mail to info[at] To Anarchism We Must Go! Aspects 4. [July 6, 2007] The state, i.e., government, is usually described in fluffy terms so that its true nature is hidden in positive and value laden terminology with sole purpose to hide what it is all about. Jamie Poole knows how to spell the truth and doesn’t fear to do so--with no fluff. Definition and Origin of Anarchism 2. Basic Concepts of Anarchism 3. After reading this article you will learn about Anarchism:- 1. Definition and Origin of Anarchism: The English word anarchism; it is said, is derived from the Greek word anarkhia.


Originates from Max Stirner's individualistic interpretation of Wilhelm Hegel's synthesis; and propounded by Friedrich Nietszche's construction of the 'Ubermensch' or Superman. Conclusion This study has tried to demonstrate that anarchist ideas are directly related to the more orthodox concepts and concerns of political theory, and closely allied to other major political traditions.

Or anarchia may be the root of anarchism.

A dark messiah. Closely related to totalitarian democracy or inverted totalitarianism. A political ideology in which the monarch is counterposed against state bureaucracy, a representative for the people against the state.

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