Aggregation vs Composition. Everything is more or less clear with inheritance. There is no real answer for what is better as I think it all depends on the design of the system. Dependency: Aggregation implies a relationship where the child can exist independently of the parent. Inheritance vs Composition. Inheritance is uni-directional. But Building is not a House. The major difference is of “is-a” and “has-a” For-example – Rose is a flower. Composition over Inheritance in object-oriented programming is the principle on which classes achieve polymorphic behavior and code reuse by their Composition rather than Inheritance. By the way, this makes Java different from some other OOP languages. Let's move on.

Composition vs Inheritance is a wide subject.

Example: 1. Composition and aggregation Classes and objects can be linked together. Inheritance based on IS-A Relationship. (This is composition) In Inheritance, child class is dependent on a parent class whereas, in Composition, both child and parent class are independent. In this case, instead of favoring composition over inheritance, composition is demanded. House is a Building. Inheritance describes an "is-a" relationship. There are many websites that also attempt to explain this argument, however many of them seem to try and “conclude” what the web author “personally” thinks is better from their experience.

to use the new class later in a polymorphic manner, do we face the problem of choosing inheritance or composition. Hence, Composition is much more flexible than Inheritance. For now, just remember it. 2. This is also where the "is-a" vs. "has-a" notion comes from. A Car is a Automobile. For example, Bank and Employee, delete the Bank and the Employee still exist. 3.
A lion is an animal.

Inheritance: One class can use features from another class to extend its functionality.

So only when subtyping is purposed, i.e. Here we can only extend one class, in other words more than one class can’t be extended as java do not support multiple inheritance. 2.
Multiple inheritance is the capability of creating a single class with multiple superclasses. (This is inheritance) Mobile has a battery. That’s why it is composition. Composition allows creation of back-end class when it’s needed, for example we can change Person getSalary method to initialize the Job object at runtime when required.. Further Reading: Do you know one of the best practice in java programming is to use composition over inheritance, check out this post for detailed analysis of Composition vs Inheritance. Inheritance is indicated by a solid line with a arrowhead pointing at the super class. For example, C++ supports multiple inheritance. Using the… whereas Composition implies a relationship where the child cannot exist independent of the parent.

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