community health nurse: [ ners ] 1. a person trained in the scientific basis of nursing , meeting certain prescribed standards of education and clinical competence; see also nursing practice .

The community health nurse works with individuals, families, groups, communities, populations, systems and/or society, but at all times the health of the person or community is the focus and motivation from which nursing actions flow.

Community health nurses use their nursing skills to provide care to patients and guide them to the necessary healthcare that is beyond the nurse’s scope of practice. Community health Nursing is the synthesis of nursing and public health practice applied to promote and protect the health of population.

It combines all the basic elements of professional, clinical nursing with public health and community practice. Community health nursing is … The editorial office promises to … A plan is typically updated every three to five years. They are often involved in policy development, coming up with strategies that will enhance the health and safety of the people within the community they serve. A community health improvement plan (or CHIP) is a long-term, systematic effort to address public health problems based on the results of community health assessment activities and the community health improvement process. This important subsection of public health includes initiatives to help community members maintain and improve their health, prevent the spread of infectious diseases and prepare for natural disasters. A framework for community health nursing education .....17 2.1 Core functions, roles and areas of work of community health nurses in the health-care system.....17 2.2 Classification of the population that is the target of the services ... nurses work in the community health-care … Community health nursing is a discipline that incorporates evidenced-based research along with advances in science and new approaches for improving the health The practice takes into consideration the cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds of the people in the community to ensure appropriate interaction and sensitivity when working with them. Community health nursing is also known as public health nursing. 2. to provide services that are essential to or helpful in the promotion, maintenance, and restoration of health and well-being. It is a specialized field of nursing that focuses on the health needs of communities, aggregates, and in particular vulnerable populations. Community health is a medical specialty that focuses on the physical and mental well-being of the people in a specific geographic region. Community Health Nursing. Roles and Responsibilities “Nurses in community health work with diverse partners and providers to address complex challenges in the community,” Phyllis Meadows, PhD, RN, writes in the American Journal of Nursing. The panel can consist of either a single nurse or a group of nurses collaborating together. Demand is very high and positions are available for qualified public health nurses.
Public Health Nursing focuses on disease, and prevention there of, within the community.
Top 10 Community Health Nursing Careers Community health nurses are charged with looking after the health of entire populations. They provide assistance to pregnant women, the elderly, homeless or disabled by directing them to social services. It is defined as the synthesis of nursing and public health practice applied to promoting and protecting the health of population. This nursing career plays a vital role in the health care system educating and treating some of the most vulnerable populations.

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