Just by comparing Artists and their contribution to Society; to the eyes, a vital part of the human body, as though the whole human anatomy was Society as a whole. This article describes an interpersonal theory of art therapy based on a model of ostensive communication that supports the attachment system as a mechanism of change in the art therapy triangular relationship of client, therapist, and art object. Theory. A clinical case vignette, derived from a client's description of her art therapy experiences in an audio-image interview, illustrates ostensive … It states that all living beings existing on the planet communicate although the way of communication is different. Theories of Art. Theory or Model? If it deals with a subject in a way that is not stimulating, it is not likely to be valued. Communication theory was proposed by S. F. Scudder in the year 1980. If it’s too original, it is difficult for people to understand. Plato and Aristotle spoke of mimesis as the re-presentation of nature. The communication theory of Art is a method by which sharing the dreams and visions the Artists are experiencing themselves, with all of Society’s needs. Too loud and it is irritating.

Communication through art can be achieved in many ways that don't rely on words. For example, if art is communication, it follows the rules of communication. Ultimately the foundational elements of communication are to successfully exchange messages and have useful dialog. Theories of the nature, functions, and effects of art Mimetic theories: art as imitation or representation of nature "mimes" a basic theoretical principle in the creation of art. Communication is, first and foremost, an interaction between or among human beings. In developed … In broad terms, communication theory attempts to explain the production of information, how this information is transmitted, the methods used to convey it, and how meaning is thereby created and shared. The Art of Communication. Too quiet and it has no impact. If it is too unoriginal, it is a bore. If the subject bears no relationship with the experiences of the perceiver, it is not likely to be grasped. Plants communicate their need to be taken care of and watered immediately through visible changes in the colour of the leaves, and the falling of leaves and flowers. Sometimes they're obvious, like a celebratory image of a political leader. The word is Greek and means "imitation" (though in the sense of "re-presentation" rather than of "copying"). The art of communication allows us to share emotionally, and interact socially, giving communication a wide range of creative uses as an art form.

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