The 5 most common mistakes to avoid when you are publishing a systematic review. Common errors to avoid (3) •Methods –Reports on methods not used in the study –Described methods do not relate to reported results –Missing or inadequate description (preventing replication of the study): •For example description of study participants, interventions, randomisation in trials, etc. Key takeaways from Researcher Academy’s latest webinar. Karthikeyan M, Balasubramanian T, Khaleel MI, Sahl M, Rashifa P (2015) A Systematic Review on Medication Errors. Common literature review errors. This literature review revealed the common occurrence of problems with the use of templates and macros.12 These generated an unnecessary volume of notes with redundant and irrelevant information.

Common Errors Made When Conducting a Lit Review video (Center for Research Quality) Reviewing the Literature and Incorporating Previous Research (Writing Center) Library Tips for the Lit Review … As you have seen in this brief introduction, literature reviews are a very specific type of research, analysis, and writing. A Literature Review is a systematic and comprehensive analysis of books, scholarly articles and other sources relevant to a specific topic providing a base of knowledge on a topic. We will explore these topics more in the next chapters. Literature Review Tasks Definition of Key Terms What it Means 1. Literature reviews are designed to identify and critique the existing literature on a topic to justify your research by exposing gaps in current research. Literature reviews are more than a summary of the publications you find on a topic.

The article highlights the common errors and mistakes made by PhD and Masters students while they’re formulating literature review dissertation and guides them in … Int J Drug Dev & Res 7: 009-01 1 Volume 7(4): 009-011 (2015)-010 –Poor reporting of statistical methods The high volume resulted in inefficiency of review time, similar to illegible handwritten notes.

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