Created: Jan 16, 2016.

About this resource. Report a problem. He didn’t look at a lot of the books but seemed happy just to be sitting there. I would also encourage you child to write a bit more that just the emotion in the speech bubble.

7.4.12 When Tim arrived today he proceeded straight to the book corner again. Suitable for younger children (in primary school) If your child is too young to write their own diary, they may still love to talk about themselves and tell you their ‘news’. English language arts.

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It is also an excellent form of creative self-expression. You need to go through format of diary entry as well as diary writing examples to get a deep insight of how to write a diary entry for school. Learning objective: Children will be able to write diary entries in the role of a ww2 child using their subject knowledge from each lesson.


Keeping the importance of diary for students we are providing diary entry format and diary entry topics along with some diary entry examples for students which would clarify diary meaning.

An English 'diary' for younger learners. “Today I was happy because I got to sit by my best friend in music class” – as a random example!
Where children are concerned, diary writing can begin at any age: even a preschooler’s thoughts can be recorded by an adult. The entries will be based largely upon objective information, but combined also with a demosntration of their ability to express empathy and understanding of how children growing up in the war would have felt. My mother did this with me in exercise books when I was quite young (certainly before I started school). The final printable kids diary page in the PDF is for those kids who are writing, They can write a bit about their day and draw a picture in the box on the right.

Examples of diary entries 6.4.12 Tim (7.5 yrs) sat alone in the book corner when he arrived today. Get your child to tell you about their day, for example, 'At school today I ate something new and we played a game'. Journal Writing Tips for Kids— See and explore ten tips guaranteed to hook kids’ attention and interest in journal writing! Use these writing samples in conjunction with the diary writing checklists for investigating features or using as a scaffold for writing.

English language arts / Creative writing. Example-Diary-Entries.

He appears to do this most days. Diary project.

English language arts / Non-fiction. It is important, when recording a child’s speech, to keep it as original as possible.

Categories & Grades. Journal writing helps kids to process the myriad of thoughts, feelings, and emotions they experience.

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