When they close their eyes, […] Why is child protection at the heart of peacekeeping?

security council 5235th meeting* (am) security council establishes monitoring, reporting mechanism on use of child soliders, unanimously adopting resolution 1612 (2005) Many are subject to abductions, military recruitment, killing, maiming, and numerous forms of exploitation children. In many conflict-ridden countries, peacekeeping missions are the largest actor on the ground and their contribution is vital to protecting children. Child soldier demobilization shows results in Afghanistan KABUL, 16 December 2004 – As the first full year of the UNICEF-supported demobilization and reintegration programme for former child soldiers draws to a close in Afghanistan, nearly 4,000 children have now been demobilized. Engagement with the armed forces using child soldiers resulted in the formal release of over 10,000 child soldiers in 2017, with an unknown number being released through informal pathways (United Nations, 2018).

Child soldiers pose unique challenges to professional armies. 06-Jun-2018 00:03:02 The United Nations Special Representative for Children and Armed Conflict Virginia Gamba said today she “strongly” believes that reintegration support for former child soldier should be “fundamental to emergency recovery and peace building efforts” and also be part of conflict prevention. As many as 16,000 children in South Sudan alone have been recruited and used by armed forces and groups since the start of the conflict in December 2013, and all parties to the current conflict on the ground in Yemen have engaged in widespread recruitment of children.

Photo: UNICEF UN unveils global campaign to end use of child soldiers in Government forces by 2016 6 March 2014 The United Nations today launched a new initiative to end the recruitment and use of children in Government forces in conflict by 2016, with Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon stressing that children should be armed with pens and textbooks, not guns. UN / CHILD SOLDIERS.

They are lethal combatants, but they are also victims, often forced to fight. Tens of thousands of children are estimated to be recruited and used in conflicts worldwide.

A child stands on the day before his release from an armed group in South Sudan. Conflicts disproportionately affect children. The UN Secretary-General’s Special Representative for Children and Armed Conflict has bemoaned the call of the international community to integrate child soldiers into society without providing the necessary financial resources. Joint statement by Margot Wallström , Minister for Foreign Affairs of Sweden and Leila Zerrougui , Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Children and Armed Conflict Throughout the world hundreds of thousands of children go to sleep each night, not with their favourite teddybear or doll beside them, but with a gun.

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