Child development perspectives.. [Society for Research in Child Development. ;] While theorists have different ideas and perspectives, insight on child and adolescent development can assist teachers and parents in helping children reach their full developmental and learning potential. Environmentalists, often known as b ehaviorists, believe knowledge exists outside the child and is acquired piece by piece as the child masters a sequence of skills and sub-skills (Hand and Nourot, 1999). Development is seen as progressive changes in the child’s observable behavior as shaped by the environment over time (Hand and Nourot, 1999; NCREL, 2004). Get this from a library! Journal Abbreviation: CHILD DEV PERSPECT Journal ISSN: 1750-8592 . Child Development Perspectives. Papers are welcome from all fields that inform modern developmental science. This unique summary of traditional scientific perspectives alongside critical post-modern thinking will provide readers with a sense of the historical development of different schools of thought. The behaviorist believed that learning and development were the result of associations, rewards, and punishments. Behavioral child development theories center on how children learn through their interactions with the environment. Child Development: Theories and Critical Perspectives provides an engaging and perceptive overview of both well-established and recent theories in child and adolescent psychology. Early in the twentieth century, the school of thought known as behaviorism took hold in psychology. Child developmental attainments can be observed and measured. Child Development Perspectives (CDP) emphasizes brief, well synthesized reviews of research, typically focusing on emerging lines of inquiry in developmental science. The journal sometimes publishes essays on policy, statistics and methods, and on other topics suitable for the readership. In this case study I have assessed a child's development and observed his behaviour in different environments.

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