And, in order to take that idea to the next level, teachers might include classroom practices that will make this dynamic explicit. Teachers do this every day in many ways. Characteristics of Justice in Effective Punishment Publish date: 05 /04 ... Children can be easily molded and the person who takes care of them during the childhood years is the one who forms the characteristics and traits of their personality. “God has made the earth and all that it contains for all to share. Please note, this list is not exhaustive and the meaning of these words may change and evolve based on context. These characteristics include race (racism), age (ageism), gender (sexism), religion, and sexuality (heterosexism). According to “max weber” sociology is the study of “social action”. Social workers do a lot of good in this world and help many disadvantaged people. “Duncan Mitchel” says that, the action is considered to be social, when it is influenced by the action of one or more than one individual. Intersectionality is the study of how various forms of oppression, discrimination, domination and other social processes intersect and influence each other. Social justice is recognizing and acting upon the power that we have for making positive change. Social justice is the promotion of just societies and treatment of individuals and communities based on the belief that we each possess an innate human dignity. For example, students in schools can belong to more than one marginalized group. It is one of the few professions where you always know you will be making a real difference in people's lives. The earth’s goods must be divided fairly and this right of everyone to a just share comes first. For example, if a person is reading a book the action is not considered as social because it do not influence the action of other individual or individuals. Social Justice & Intersectionality Resources. What is intersectionality? Below are five characteristics that make social workers so special. There are a number of important social worker characteristics that anyone looking to get into this profession should possess. It is meant to be a starting point for engaging in open and honest conversation by offering a shared language of understanding. The following terminology is commonly used in conversations regarding social justice, diversity, equity and allyship.

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