Page 6 - Journal Entry #2 Includes lesson plans, writing assignments, student activities. One letter from the main character to a secondary character about a problem in the story.

This is a collection of ideas to use in reading when teaching character. Use this assessment & rubric as a pre- or post-assessment for your middle school literary analysis essay unit!Yes, middle schoolers CAN write complex analytical essays that display critical thinking about literature! Vocabulary and Scope and Sequence attached below. Instructions Hold up the book that you have chosen for the character analysis lesson.

Further, in the text, we will cover the best examples of how to write a character analysis, great ideas, structure, and most useful tips that help to write an in-depth literary analysis that works. Students can create their character analysis on the computer, then print it onto the transfer paper. graphic organizers work well for me. Page 5 - Souvenirs and Mementos; At least three objects that reflect events in the story or important aspects of the main character. This tech-infused project is an excellent representation of how students can conduct character analysis for a notable person or biography your students are studying in class. Include an explanation for each.

Using this scaffolded, Common Core-aligned assessment, your students will show More Literature Imitation Projects. 3 Exemplary. Character has not been analyzed thoroughly. The Catcher in … Character Analysis T-Shirt Project Instructions (PDF) Character Analysis T-Shirt Project Rubric (PDF) Optional: Projector and computer for demonstration; Optional: Iron transfer printer paper, if you have access to technology in the classroom. Prior to the lesson, choose a character to use as a model for character analysis during the lesson instructions. Beginning. Allow students to take notes if desired or provide them with the printed transcript. Character Analysis Rubric Criteria Above and Beyond Mastery of Learning Targets Shows understanding of Learning Targets, but still needs practice Needs to meet with teacher for tutoring Introduction The introduction is inviting, clearly states a thesis, and includes elements such as hook, author, and title. Lack of ability to comprehend of the character's traits. Introduction (at least five sentences) • Write an opening sentence including the title, author and a brief summary of the text including details about the plot, setting and characters. Character Analysis Essay for Middle School 2. you can do quilt squares where there's a small square in the middle and four lines connecting the corners of the small square and the bigger square. Narrow your search from the entire list of character education lessons here. Read the guide on formatting academic essays to gain extra credit from your tutor. 2 Accomplished. I had my students read Excerpts from Adam’s Diary by Mark Twain. 1 Developing. They had to then write a seven-day diary for a fictional character using comedy elements we’ve studied in class (juxtaposition, wordplay, rule of three, sarcasm, what if). A second letter for the secondary character's likely response. Character Analysis Essay for Middle School 1. Character Analysis Rubric. Next, show the video lesson Character Analysis in Literature: Definition & Examples. The introduction clearly states a In the small square right the characters name. Middle School teaching guides for Social-Emotional Learning and Character Education. 4 Character Analysis Character analysis is attempted, but lacks details and description is incomplete. Typically, at the upper elementary, middle school, and high school levels, we rely on just discussing character traits. Also great for small group activities. Character Education Lesson Plans are great for middle school advisory. The result of the efficient paper is your "A" and teacher's appreciation.

The Diary Project.

Each unit is made up of five 20-minute lessons that bring out discussion and exploration in context.

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