Have them reread the story and take notes in the form of a double entry journal that describes the main character and events that take place during the story, focusing on events that the main character is directly involved in and what other characters in the novel say about them. Character Analysis Template charctertemplate.doc — Microsoft Word Document, 31 kB (31744 bytes) Document Actions Have students choose a novel they have recently read and focus their attention on the main character of the story. It's important for teachers to tap into the students' interests to ensure math projects are successful. We will be delving into their conflicts and how the characters resolve them, looking through the eyes of the characters and analyze their roles in the story. Do your kids roll their eyes at the thought of having to write another boring book report? Unit overview Theoretical math is not easily accessible by young students, which is why middle school math projects are ideal for getting them to see math applied in real-world situations. Our high school projects are written and tested by scientists and are specifically created for use by students in the high school grades. English - High School. Using the list from the previous section, ask the students to identify two … = new example as of July 1, 2017 = off-site example . Drama.

Science Buddies' high school science projects are the perfect way for high school students to have fun exploring science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). If so, they’ll jump for joy at the chance to try these ideas for creative book reports.There’s something for everyone, including the crafty kid, the letter-writer, the map-maker, the imaginative child, and the list-maker! Write the name of one character (such as Miss Rumphius) on the worksheet.

Project the Character Analysis worksheet on the whiteboard, or write the same prompts on a large piece of chart paper. Literary courses at any level will sometimes require students to write a character analysis essay. Dramatic Performance Unit - developed by Jamie Barrett .

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