People are often biased against others outside of their own social group, showing prejudice (emotional bias), stereotypes (cognitive bias), and discrimination (behavioral bias). When looking at Trumps ban on Muslims entering the U.S., it’s not only morally wrong to prevent a certain group from coming in, but it can also backfire on our nation. Prejudice, Discrimination, and Stereotyping By Susan T. Fiske. Stereotypes are simply shorthand that allow people to quickly deal with people places and things they encounter. It is a lose-lose situation, both for those who are doing the stereotype … Stereotypes: Stereotyping is a common cause of racism. Stereotype definition: A stereotype is a fixed general image or set of characteristics that a lot of people... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Princeton University . The latest is 18 year old Michael Brown, in Ferguson, Missouri. It is expressed through television, radio, internet, music and books. When a person of a young age is exposed to stereotypes or to groups who are stereotyped they will assume that all are like this. So another unarmed Black teenager has been murdered by a white Police officer. Prejudice can be based on a number of factors including sex, race, age, sexual orientation, nationality, socioeconomic status, and religion. The problem with these stereotypes is that it is often based on the interaction of an individual with the rest of society. Class Stereotypes . Stereotyping can also lead people to live lives driven by hate, and can cause the victims of those stereotypes to be driven by fear. And they are situations in which prejudices should not appear. When prejudice occurs, stereotyping, discrimination, and bullying may also result. For example, many gays and lesbians are afraid to admit their sexuality in fear of being judged. The result they have can make more people become stereotypes. Some of the most well-known types of prejudice include: Religious prejudice. A stereotype does not cause racism, although belief in a given stereotype may be the reason given for racist behavior. Stereotype threat, a term coined by Stanford Professor Claude Steele, occurs when individuals whose group is targeted by negative stereotypes try to excel at tasks that are related to the stereotype. Prejudice and Stereotyping. For the formation of this stereotype are based on economic power, which is the main cause of prejudice and social stereotypes. When these negative labels and stereotypes are compared to the actual radicals (of any religion or background) who wish to cause harm and destruction, those radicals can actually use the stereotypes to their advantage.

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