Theories of addiction: Causes and 4 maintenance of addiction Overview: Theories of addiction In attempting to explain why people become dependent on drugs, a variety of different approaches have been taken. Theories of addiction: Causes and 4 maintenance of addiction Overview: Theories of addiction In attempting to explain why people become dependent on drugs, a variety of different approaches have been taken. Causes and symptoms According to Internet addiction specialist Dr. Kimberly Young, no single behavior pattern defines Internet addiction. Addiction is a psychological and physical inability to stop consuming a chemical, drug, activity, or substance, even though it is causing psychological and physical harm. What follows is a summary of three different areas of explanation. 5 Types of Internet Addiction. Addictive internet use is … Internet Addiction: Symptoms, Evaluation, And Treatment Dr. Kimberly S. Young This article is reproduced from Innovations in Clinical Practice (Volume 17) by L. VandeCreek & T. L. Jackson (Eds. II. The first concen- Title Introduction A. ), Sarasota, FL: Professional Resource Press. Internet addiction is a broad term that covers a range of behaviors and impulse-control problems involving internet, personal computer, and mobile technology. What follows is a summary of three different areas of explanation.

Addiction is a complex and chronic mental health disorder that has a range of interlocking causes, including brain chemistry, environmental influences, and underlying psychological difficulties. Internet addiction is becoming widely recognized and acknowledged, particularly in countries where it is affecting large numbers of people, such as South Korea, where it has been declared a national health problem. Internet Addiction in Malaysia Causes and Effects 73. A 2015 Pew study reported that one-fifth of Americans go online “almost constantly.” The Internet Addiction Test (IAT) is now considered by some as a valid test of internet addiction. I.

PREPARED FOR : DR. HAWA PREPARED BY : IHSAN BIN MHD ILHAM 2012607722 14th DECEMBER 2012 Contents No. Internet addiction is a behavioral addiction in which a person becomes dependent on use of the Internet, or other online devices, as a maladaptive way of coping with life's stresses. While there is yet no officially accepted criteria to diagnose an internet addiction, researchers have identified 5 subcategories of specific types of computer and internet addictions. Internet addiction is a compulsive disorder that interferes with normal living. is a platform for academics to share research papers.

Essay on the Types of Internet Addiction. Introduction Internet : The Internet is a global network connecting millions of … Surfing and Addiction was launched nationwide to get a response from the youth about their online behavior. I. These behaviors or symptoms of Internet addiction, when they have taken control of addicts’ lives and become unmanageable, include acompulsive use of the Internet, a preoccupation with being online, a lying

Possible Causes and Effects of Internet Addiction 1189 Words | 5 Pages. Causes of internet addiction can also stem from relationship conflicts as the Internet becomes a way to escape from difficult situations. Internet addiction, also described as pathological internet use, is defined as an individual’s inability to control his or her use of the internet, which eventually causes psychological, social, school and/or work difficulties in a person’s life (Davis 2001; Young & Rogers, 1998). Researchers continue to study the problem of internet addiction. is a platform for academics to share research papers. III. As with all addictions, causes of internet addiction have a lot to do with a person’s ability to cope with life’s challenges. The Causes of Internet Addiction. S Young says that prior research links internet addiction with existing mental health issues such as social anxiety, depression, and antisocial personality disorder and if not treated properly can have a significant effect on the patient socially, psychologically and occupationally. Social Disorders B. There are different forms of addiction involved with over-use of internet, and it is essential to identify the category. Multiple causes of death have been proposed. Knowledge C. Cybersex Conclusion. Definition B. Internet C. Internet Addiction The Causes of Internet Addiction A. It causes severe stress and relationship problems with family and friends. We focus on the youth because they are presumed to be more adaptable to the fast changing Internet world.

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