Happiness is often found in the doing of what you're passionate about and in building connections that are meaningful to you. The first cause of happiness is being successful. Part 2: The Causes of Happiness Zest. This wild-west of psychology is an exciting and relatively new science.

Successful life can lead to happiness. We do not know what makes us happy (but we think we do). Since happiness has so much to do with long-term behavior, happiness is absolutely teachable. The psychological inquiry into happiness is important because happiness is not only associated with improved physical health and even longevity, but it is also a priority for people – across the world, happiness has been rated as being more important than other desirable outcomes including living a meaningful life or making a lot of money (Psychology Today, 2019). There are three causes of happiness such as being successful, eating chocolate, and being optimistic. Divorce, loss of a loved one, or loss of a job can lead to permanent decreases in happiness (Diener et al., 2006). Every day, new discoveries on how to monopolize happiness are being made. For instance, if you are a successful student, you are going to be happy. If Russell traveled to a new city, you can bet that he wouldn’t eat at the TGI Friday and get coffee at Starbucks. That is because you are going to feel accomplished which is one of the reasons that lead to happiness. Videos on Happiness. The #1 most vital element in this learned behavior is the commitment to the behavior that increases happiness.

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