However, achieving these goals isn't so easy. Career Planning Research Project . There are several links used in this website, and several more listed for you research. Enjoy the process because it will be an ongoing practice throughout your working life. Read this essay to learn about Career Planning of an Individual. Objective of Career Planning 3. It is easy to say that in 5 years I will be working in my ideal job, making a very good income and living in a dream home surrounded by a perfect environment. In this class The reason I am interested in pursuing this career is because I have been traveling all of my life pretty much going back and forth between parents, I have always found it interesting. Conclusion. Career Planning takes a lot of work, but there is nothing more rewarding that doing something you enjoy and getting paid for it. Introduction At the moment I am planning on becoming a pilot. Meaning of Career Planning 2. After reading this essay you will learn about: 1. Through acquiring the relevant information concerning my career, the S.M.A.R.T short term and long term goals can be formulated to facilitate me to carry out the career planning. Besides, the specific industry, which I intend to be working on, will be analyzed so that the potential career opportunities and Goal setting is an important part of my career and personal development planning.

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