The Canadian Senators Group (CSG) was formed in the fall of 2019 as a new group that is composed of experienced senators ranging across the political spectrum. 11 Senators have decided to form a new grouping, called the Canadian Senators Group.
A new group is being created in the Red Chamber with the aim of allowing senators to better represent their regions and get work done more efficiently. Following its relaunch, the caucus lost its "recognized" status after P.E.I. For the Senate to be truly effective, and to work as it was originally intended, Senators must be a check on the majority.

In 2018, UBI Works led a group of over 120 Canadian CEOs, representing over $2.3 billion in annual revenue, to sign a statement in support of basic income. The Canadian Senators Group will help move us toward genuine Senate reform and will help ensure the Senate functions effectively as a parliamentary institution. That is still controlled by Trudeau, since the so called independent senators have proven by their voting patterns, to vote in favour of Trudeau’s legislation, as a voting bloc. The Canadian Senators Group has added two members to its ranks, one from the Conservatives and another from the now dissolved Liberal Senate caucus. The independent senators also make up the majority of the seats in the Senate.

The Canadian Senators Group (CSG) contains two former Conservatives and nine former members of the Independent Senators Group (ISG).

So contrary to what Trudeau claims as Senate reform, it is the same old Senate.

Donald J. Savoie wrote the following regarding the formation of the Canadian Senators Group (CSG): “I want to applaud your decision to form a new caucus to ensure that regional interests are represented in Parliament.

The Canadian Senators Group (French: Groupe des sénateurs canadiens) is a parliamentary group of senators in the Senate of Canada founded on November 4, 2019, by eight senators from the Independent Senators Group, two from the Conservative Party of Canada's Senate caucus, and one non-affiliated senator. Group Packages; Coca-Cola Zone ; McDonald's Fan Zone ... Top News & Stories The Sens Store Sensplex Ottawa Senators Foundation Canadian Tire Centre Sens TV.
The Canadian Senators Group (CSG) includes senators from all parts of Canada and will be led by Sen. Scott Tannas as interim leader. One of their objectives is to highlight and reinforce one of the traditional role of the Senate, which is to focus on quality research and data that resulted in detailed recommendations and comprehensive committee studies over many decades.

You can help implement the merger by following the instructions at Help:Merging . He says the idea started during the spring session, when the senate passed bills C-69 and C-48, and warned that "Wexit" is "something we need to be concerned about." After a discussion at Talk:List of current senators of Canada#Merger proposal consensus to merge this page to List of current senators of Canada was found.

You set out to correct a flaw in our national institutions that …

Group Packages; Coca-Cola Zone ; McDonald's Fan Zone ... Top News & Stories The Sens Store Sensplex Ottawa Senators Foundation Canadian Tire Centre Sens TV. The group, which is composed largely of conservative-minded senators, is calling itself the Canadian Senators Group (CSG). Learn More About CEOs For Basic Income UBI Works is committed to pursuing a universal and unconditional basic income for all Canadians, so that nobody will be left behind. Eleven Canadian senators have broken away from their affiliated groups and caucuses to form a new group focused on promoting regional interests.

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