In fact Canada is the second-largest country in the world. Canada covers a total area of 3.85 million square miles and extends from Atlantic Ocean in the east, the Pacific Ocean in the west, and the Arctic Ocean in the north. Canada is a huge country.

The history of Canada covers the period from the arrival of Paleo-Indians thousands of years ago to the present day. Canada gained independence from Britain in 1867. Prior to European colonization, the lands encompassing present-day Canada were inhabited for millennia by Aboriginal peoples, with distinct trade networks, spiritual beliefs, and styles of … Canada did not become a country in 1982, that was simply the year our constitution was repatriated. Forests of the west are used for wood. History : Canada's biggest bay, Hudson Bay, was discovered in 1610. (Russia is the largest) Canada's area is 9.985 million km² (6.204 million miles²) It has 10 provinces and 3 Territories. General Facts about Canada. Canada dies not have states. Ogopogo is a mythical creature living in Okanagan Lake, British Columbia and is similar to the Loch Ness monster. Canada has lots of natural resources.Its large amounts of fish have been used for centuries for food and money. The Beaver is the national animal of Canada. Canada's Largest City is Toronto. Canada's Prime Minister is Justin Trudeau. Hydroelectric power (electricity by water) is abundant because of Canada's many rivers. Canada's Capital City is Ottawa. History. They crossed a narrow bridge-like piece of land and explored the northwestern parts of North America. It is the second largest country in the world by total area (after Russia).The country’s border with the US is the longest land border in the world. The Ogopogo – Photo: Josef Hanus / Here are some interesting Canada Facts for Kids which were choosen and reseached by kids especially for kids. Canada is one of world's top trading nations - and one of its richest.

15,000-30,000 years ago, the first people to come to North America came across Asia. Canada is a country occupying the north section of North America.

Alongside a dominant service sector, Canada also has vast oil reserves and is a major exporter of energy, food and minerals. Since the 16th century, both French and English kings have ruled over the country. UPDATE: Astute readers have pointed out the following “facts” in need of correction on this chart: Basketball, while invented by a Canadian, was actually invented in the United States.

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