They’ll have a huge network of their own that you can tap into, and they’ll help you build your personal contact list. Let’s face it: We all have a skeleton or two in our virtual closet, and you’re basically giving your manager a front row seat. Not all managers are as invested in your personal career growth as they are in the company’s success, meaning any advice or mentoring they offer you will probably be influenced by the company’s needs and not your own. Listening carefully and then researching and applying the mentor's guidance. In Review – How to Be a Mentor. Be careful whose advice you heed and, moreover, don't ever lose the connection to your inner voice. Leave your reply in the comments. Not expecting specific advice. Your boss-mentor can’t guarantee you receive that raise or promotion, nor will he or she always be able to provide you a full explanation of the decisions that didn’t go your way. Troubleshooting Problems in the Mentoring Relationship. What are your favorite questions to ask a mentor? As a mentor, your boss can teach you from their experience. She went on to discuss how to develop the mentoring skills … After all, your mentor is volunteering his or her time to help you, and you don’t want to seem ungrateful. If you’ve ever had a great leader, mentor, or coach, you know just how valuable that experience can be in shaping your personal and professional development. While it can be very useful to have a trusted mentor, it’s not a given that it will be your boss or current manager.

Great leaders, mentors, and coaches can make a tremendous difference in your results, and they can make the difference in your life. Fledgling college dropout Mark Zuckerberg sought the guidance of Apple mastermind Steve Jobs. Sharing your goals and fears openly. However, most candidates do not have a formal mentor, so answering the question will require you to identify an informal mentor (or mentors) in your life. Investing your time in seeking out a mentor with whom you feel a natural fit. When you're looking for someone to be your mentor, look for people who have the title, position, or experience you're trying to get.Don't set your sights too far off into the future. While it can be very useful to have a trusted mentor, it’s not a given that it will be your boss or current manager. This is another great example of why it’s important to consider questions such as this in advance of the interview. If your PERT Profile has been deactivated, this can be reversed at any time by emailing .

She went on to discuss how to develop the mentoring skills to pass on your knowledge and expertise. The stronger bond will earn your manager’s respect and support. Here are some thoughts on why you need to distinguish the difference between a friend and a mentor, and why each type of person is beneficial to your … The leadership mentor likely has some power or influence at their organisation or in their friend circle to sponsor the mentee into a leadership role, should that be appropriate and fruitful for the mentors own reputation. A competent, skillful coach can be an indispensable asset at … In your email: Schedule an initial conversation. Another great resource is LinkedIn.

But studies show that adding your boss to your friends list can actually work in your favor—if you do it the right way, of course. By EverwiseMay 13, 2015. No matter how smart you are or how much you know, the more you know the more you realize how much you have to learn. HBS Working Knowledge: Business Research for Business Leaders Friending your boss on Facebook can be a risky move. Share this article . A quick Google search can show local networking groups or even mentor programs in your area. Once you’re collaborating like this and leading your team in the direction they need, you’re well on your way to coaching a happy and motivated team to success. By preparing thoughtfully for each mentoring session, you’ll avoid the awkwardness of feeling like you’re wasting your mentor’s time, and it guarantees that the mentoring relationship can continue to be gratifying for both of you for many years to come. Jennifer said that once you’re in a leadership role and have mastered some project management skills, it’s inevitable that you’ll find people coming up in the industry seeking your help. The stronger bond will earn your manager’s respect and support. It’s an important process, as it uplifts the entire industry. 5 Ways a Mentor Can Fast track Your Career 03 February 2017 - The lessons, connections, and opportunities that mentors provide are invaluable, often accelerating the careers of graduates and young professionals starting out in management Jermaine Haughton. You can’t get to where you want to be professionally on your own. In Review – How to Be a Mentor. Ask your potential mentor if he or she can make time for an hour meeting with you. Mentoring Meltdown: What to Do if Your Mentor isn’t Helping You. If you already have a formal mentor in your life, that person will be the focus of your answer. Once you’ve thought through your choice, you’re ready to ask someone to mentor you. Learn something new.

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