However, do read through your personal statement before your interview and remind yourself of the books you have mentioned, etc. You’ll usually have to write a postgraduate personal statement that highlights your strengths, skills and experience, giving you the perfect opportunity to sell yourself and to show the admissions tutor that you’ll thrive at their university. We recommend using our Personal Statement Builder a few months out from starting on your statement, to see what gaps you might need to fill. And it’s not just for undergraduate courses.

If you are applying for graduate study, please check and apply by the specific course deadline. Upon completion of this The University of Cambridge's Supplementary Application Questionnaire, which all applicants are asked to complete after submitting their UCAS application, includes specific questions that allow students to expand on or fill in gaps in their personal statements. Ali (one of our co-founders) applied to study Medicine at Cambridge, Imperial, UCL and Kings, and received offers from Cambridge, Imperial and Kings. The Cambridge Trust is a major source of funding to scholars at Cambridge and offers a number of scholarships for postgraduate students.

Also on the basis of your classics personal statement, Oxford tutors - and others - should be able to clearly recognise your strengths and achievements.

The statement is used by the Gates Cambridge shortlisting committees to distinguish between candidates who have been highly ranked by departments on academic grounds. In some circumstances, if you are transferring to Cambridge because your supervisor has taken up a post at the University of Cambridge, and you have received a formal offer of admission from the University after submitting an application, you may apply to be exempt from the University fee payment for up to 3 terms. Medicine Personal Statement Inspiration – Ali (Cambridge) This is the part of a series of blog posts where members of the 6med team attach and comment on their own medicine personal statements. Reading your classics personal statement, Cambridge admissions tutors should gain a sense of your ambitions and motivation. Sample Statement of Research Proposal and Personal Statement for the Gates Cambridge Scholarship Application—Student #2 Statement of Research Proposal Studying Computer Speech, Text, and Internet Technology at Cambridge will provide me with the necessary background to pursue my future career. Personal Statements for Masters Degree Applications Once you’ve found the perfect Masters programme, the next step is to begin the application process. Full information about postgraduate study in Cambridge can be found on the University website.

It helps our committees identify those candidates who, as well as being academically outstanding, possess a capacity for leadership and commitment to improving the lives of others. This is the only part of the application … Alternatively, you could take a year out to work, volunteer and build up your knowledge and experience; then if you apply the following year, you’ll have more to talk about in your personal statement. Information for postgraduate applicants.

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