Furthermore, he never believed his darling little girl would marry Othello unless she was drugged or under some kind of spell. Brabantio is the father of Desdemona, a young girl who has fallen in love with Othello, and he is also a senator. Brabantio … Iago and Roderigo went in the middle of the night to awaken him because Iago knew that Desdemona had ran away to get married to Othello. Othello – Brabantio, Roderigo and Iago. Brabantio. Earlier Brabantio has told Roderigo that there is no way that Othello is suitable for Desdemona. Three characters have been given the role of projecting Othellos character to the audience, these are: Brabantio, Roderigo and Iago. Desdemona's father, Brabantio, is a rich and important Venetian politician.

Roderigo is Iago’s dupe, his fool.

In the opening scene of the play, the audience gets their first impression of Othello in third person. Brabantio (sometimes called Brabanzio) is a character in William Shakespeare's Othello (c.1601–1604). 1. He likes Othello and invites him to visit his house a lot—but he never expected Othello to "steal" his daughter.

Roderigo does not feel any loyalty towards Othello, who he believes has stolen his love from him.

He is a Venetian senator and the father of Desdemona.He has entertained Othello in his home countless times before the play opens, thus giving Othello and Desdemona opportunity to fall in love. What does he say to Roderigo after finding out about her and Othello. In Act sc.1 Roderigo and the disgruntled Iago decide to scandalise Othello by sreading a rumour that Desdemona, Brabantio's daugher has eloped with Othello. In love with Desdemona and prepared to do anything to get her, Roderigo is easily manipulated by the evil Iago.

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