A large piece of woven material used as a covering for warmth, especially on a bed. Authority that is given to designated Reviewers who can approve a document to a chosen route point. Blanket authorization usually requires a form signed by a consenting party designating the authorized individuals and activities. For example: "Blanket authorization was given to him for all his business travel". 2. BLANKET AUTHORIZATION is direct authority to act without having to gain approval for each action. Blanket definition is - a large usually oblong piece of woven fabric used as a bed covering. blanket synonyms, blanket pronunciation, blanket translation, English dictionary definition of blanket. It is ready to negotiate blanket approval for specific nuclear programs.

This blanket approval is also granted for these travelers when necessary to claim exception to the maximum lodging allowance and the exception criteria apply. 2. A layer that covers or encloses: a thick blanket of snow. Learn new Accounting Terms. How to use blanket in a sentence. A Blanket Approval bypasses approvals that would otherwise be required in the Routing.For an authorized Reviewer, the Doc Handler typically displays the Blanket Approval button along with the other options. Blanket Appropriation: Expenditures that are authorized on a blanket basis, without specifying individual projects. "We have blanket approval, " said Ng Siew Eng, the company's general manager. n. 1. blanket authorization: Formal, written consent given to an individual or entity to conduct an activity without requiring additional approval. Blanket Approval. Blanket appropriation is used in connection with government-level finances. Define blanket. When a Blanket Approval is used, the Reviewers who are skipped are … AUKSINAS (AUKSINU, AUKSINAI) is the currency of Lithuania. blanket approval in a sentence - Use "blanket approval" in a sentence 1. MARK is a currency of Bosnia & Herzegovina, Germany, Saar, and Memel.

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