His plan covers every person in Saskatchewan with pre-paid, publicly administered health care. Tommy Douglas Birthday and Date of Death. Tommy Douglas death quick facts: When did Tommy Douglas die? [1] In 1910, his family immigrated to Canada, where they settled in Winnipeg.Just before he left … An ordained minister, he became active in the socialist Co-operative Commonwealth Federation, and he served in the Canadian Parliament (1935–44). As premier of … Tommy Douglas, Scottish-born Canadian politician. 1959 is the year that Douglas is finally able to make his Medicare plan public. Tommy Douglas was born on October 20, 1904 and died on … Tommy Douglas had long been a believer in universal health care, a belief borne out of his social gospel background and seeing farmers unable to afford health care during the Great Depression.

Tommy passed away on February 24, 1986 at the age of 81. Tommy Douglas was born in Falkirk, Scotland, in 1904, the son of Annie (née Clement) and Thomas Douglas, an iron moulder who fought in the Boer War. It seriously affected his popularity. Tommy Douglas Death. His family immigrated to Winnipeg in 1919. Later in 1962, Tommy Douglas won a seat in the British Columbia riding of Burnaby-Coquitlam in a by-election. In 1970, he took a stand against the adoption of the War Measures Act during the October Crisis. Tommy Douglas. Born in Falkirk, Scotland, Thomas Clement (“Tommy”) Douglas (1904–1986) immigrated permanently to Canada with his family in 1919 and became a Baptist minister, a provincial and federal politician, and the first Co-operative Commonwealth Federation Premier of Saskatchewan in 1944. Defeated in 1968, Douglas won the riding of Nanaimo-Cowichan-The Islands in 1969 and held it until his retirement. February 24, 1986; How old was Tommy Douglas when died? 81; Recently Passed Away Celebrities and Famous People. Early life.

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