So it’s ultimately a matter of personal taste.
W e tested 15 pens, ranging in price from just under $1 to just over $25, and found that the Pilot – G2 is overall one of the best pens on the market. Like most other rollerball pens, this Pilot pen is ideal for mixed media artists, thanks to the thick, rich lines they deliver. The others all bled and/or feathered to different degrees. There are no rules. In addition to paper, it can write on plastic, metal, glass, cloth, and other various surfaces. Rollerball pens are always an excellent choice if you want a high-quality writing instrument that won’t break the bank. Each Vision Rollerball has smooth, free-flowing ink that writes smoothly and comes in a variety of colors.

You’ll get the best experience of vibrant fountain pen ink colours on white paper, but fountain pen friendly papers tend to come in both white and off-white/cream. I tried a number of papers from Fuji-Xerox with weights from 85 gsm through 90 to 100 and 120 gsm.
Uni-ball has among the best fine rollerball pens reviews and is a well-known brand in the pen market.

Among the best affordable pens for writing is the uni-ball Vision Elite. Paper colour. In summary: Not all paper will experience the same issues. The paper that was best was also the cheapest paper. In the rollerball pen category, we also tested the Pilot Precise V5RT and Uni-Ball ONYX rollerball pens.

In any case, you may want to reserve these pens for thicker, non-glossy paper to enjoy them to their fullest. This set of 12 fine-point pens are among the best in their class. Best … These oil-based ink pens work on almost every kind of paper and are fairly viscous, meaning they tend to last longer. Our testers loved this pen for its smooth ink flow, professional look and quick-dry ink. Whether you prefer the convenience of disposable pens or investing in a quality writing instrument you can refill, here are the best ballpoint pens for your needs. Rollerball pens run much smoother on paper than most other pens, and the Pilot Multi Ball Pen is an excellent example.

The G2 is America’s top-selling gel pen. In this case it was one of two papers at 85 gsm that came out best.

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