You’re in a trance-like state where nothing matters but your writing. With practice, handwriting provides more confidence, better dexterity, improved recall, and memory; and it can even help those students suffering from disabilities like ADD and Dyslexia. Journaling is a reflective process that enables writers to take control of their thoughts and emotions. If you have a knack for writing articles geared towards college students and their families, we want to know! Academic writing has always played a large and central role for students all over the world. Students also write their own versions of the lyrics, reflecting on different things you can give and receive—like kindness, peace, love, and ice cream.

Dr. James Pennebaker, author of Writing to Heal has seen improved immune function in participants of writing exercises. Connect with other writers and help each other edit drafts by joining our (free) Slack community.We encourage you to join Medium today to have complete access to all of the great locked content on The Writing Cooperative and all the locked content published across Medium. Allows the use of high order thinking skills. The Writing Cooperative is a community of people helping each other write better. The psychological benefits of free writing It’s relaxing. Reaping the benefits. Ask students to write persuasive, narrative, or expository pieces so they can practice those forms of writing. Technology has become so prevalent in our lives that it is almost impossible to get anything done without the help of a computer.
Benefits of Journal Writing for ESL Students. When integrated regularly in your ESL lessons, journal writing can be a meaningful way for students to practice and improve the quality of their writing.
Creating a good rubric from scratch is a lot of work, but a thorough rubric is one of the keys to success for anyone learning a new skill.Students need a complete and specific set of expectations for every piece of writing they create, and the tools available to teachers for making good prompts and rubrics have improved dramatically as well. Healing Expressive writing is a route to healing -- emotionally, physically, and psychologically. Find out the benefits of writing by hand for your body and brain. Prompts and Rubrics. Mix it up to keep students interested and engaged – just be sure to give clear directions for each journaling assignment. But making that decision during writing will benefit your speaking.

Benefits of Journaling in the Classroom. When you’re free writing, you do it to get the story out of your system.

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