1. SUMMATIVE ASSESSMENT 4. They make academic records: 4. Below, I discuss 2 other ways in which summative assessment can be used to improve teaching and learning.

Overall, these are valid points raised against summative assessment. Without it, they would not know if the course outcomes established in the start of the semesters were reached. Literacy tests. Summative assessments help teachers and administrators alike, in improving curriculum and curriculum planning. In most cases, summative assessment results are recorded as scores or grades that are then factored into our students’ academic record. Summative assessments can serve as a guide to improving teaching methods. Summative assessment examples: End-of-term or midterm exams. Summative assessment. Summative assessment can: 1) Motivate students to study and pay closer attention The benefits of formative assessment is obvious in the classroom. First, summative assessment helps the teachers and the institution as a whole know the overall performance of the students covered in the assessment. End of year school, county, or statewide testing. In a balanced assessment system, both summative and formative assessments are an integral part of information gathering. Formative and summative assessments both check for understanding. They are high stakes for all concerned, most obviously for the learners who are being judged but also in the sense that the data may be used to drive course improvement, to assess teaching effectiveness, and for program-level assessments … Example At the end of the course, the teacher gives a test to see if the learners know and can use what they have learnt. It can be compared to formative assessment, which gives the teacher and learner helpful information for future work. The goal of summative assessment is to evaluate student learning at the end of an instructional unit by comparing it against some standard or benchmark. This is especially true for formative assessment. Cumulative work over an extended period such as a final project or creative portfolio. Both summative and formative testing have important effects on student learning, and careful attention on the selection and deployment of each is needed. Measurements and markers. Advantages of Summative Evaluation: 1. Summative assessments can serve as a guide to improving teaching methods. Provides opportunity: 5. End-of-unit or chapter tests. Boosts individuals: 6. Weak areas can be identified: 7. They determine achievement: 3. There are 2 types of assessment namely; formative and summative assessments (Summative evaluates learners at the conclusion of a specific instructional period) Formative assessment is an in-process type of evaluation i.e. Importance and benefits of summative assessment. However, it does offer fantastic benefits for teachers and students alike! 1. The usage of formative assessments in class as a way to guide instruction and to authentically determine student mastery offers many advantages, far beyond higher test scores. Summative assessment evaluates a learner's progress up to that point and provides a summary of where they are. Special program learning, such as Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate. summative assessments are usually applied at the end of a period of instruction to measure the outcome of student learning. refers to the assessment of participants, and summarizes their development at a particular time. 2. Training success can be measured: 8. Standardised tests that demonstrate school accountability are used for pupil admissions; SATs, GCSEs and A-Levels.

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