Being an exchange student in a country with a totally different culture (and language) is an amazing and rewarding experience. The experience for the host family is as rich and rewarding as it is for the ASSE exchange student and can create lifelong friendships. By being an exchange student you will be learning a new language, new culture and also a lot about yourself. What's it like being an Erasmus exchange student in Finland? Now I'm back home with a ton of memories, e-mails to answer, and a lot of stories to share. It took me a long time to realize that I am living my… I am 17 Years old and I am spending my exchange year in West Virginia.

An Exchange Student at 17 It almost feels like as if it was just yesterday when I was on my own on a plane not really knowing what to expect but excited for what the future had for me. Being a host family is an excellent way to experience another culture and share your customs, traditions and language. I love going to school here and doing things with my friends. However, being an exchange student can also pretty hard for a couple of reasons, one of them being the ignorance they have to deal with. Coming to chilly Finland to study may seem daunting but great things can happen when you get out of your comfort zone. Whether or not you enjoy the experience, and make the most out of it, is purely up to you and the amount of effort you put in. Share Image: Yle News / Mark B. Odom Erasmus-plus is an EU programme supporting education, training, youth and sport across Europe. Being an exchange student Hi, my name is Laura. How to become an exchange student. I Want to Become a Host for a Foreign Exchange Student. Going on an Exchange is really a fantastic, fun and good experience!

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