Countering Sir William Waller's advance towards Winchester, Sir Ralph Hopton's Royalist army reached Alresford, to the north east of Winchester, on 27th March. This trail follows in the footsteps of the men who fought on both sides of this important battle. The battle of Cheriton was a major turning point in the English Civil War and resulted in an important Parliamentarian victory that helped shape the future of England. Cavalry battle at the time of the English Civil War: Battle of Cheriton 29th March 1644 Waller’s army had been deploying since dawn. Despite success in the opening action, the Royalists failed to exploit their advantage and handed victory to the Parliamentarians resulting in … The actual battle was fought on the 29th March 1644 so we almost marked the battles 374th anniversary. As the early morning mist cleared, Lord Hopton realised that Waller was preparing to fight. 1,000 musketeers commanded by Colonel Leighton and supported by 300 Horse advanced into Cheriton Wood while the rest of the army, foot, horse and guns moved forward onto the ridge running east from Cheriton. The battle of Cheriton. Battle of Cheriton So on Monday night Mark, Alastair and myself gathered to fight a re-enactment of the Battle of Cheriton - The English Civil War. Battle of Cheriton 29th March 1644. In consultation with Lord Forth, he ordered the whole Royalist army to advance from its encampment on Tichbourne Down to occupy East Down.

The Battle of Cheriton (1644) was fought between a Royalist force under the Earl of Forth and a Parliamentary army under Sir William Waller.

Hopton deployed his troops on the downs south of Alresford, approximately one mile to the east of the village of Cheriton. O n the morning of 28 March 1644, Sir William Waller began deploying his army for battle on the high ground of Lamborough fields.

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