The body of the text should be focused on presenting the pros and cons, the for and against arguments, relating to the central issue. This is why the oral starter activities can be so useful as pre-writing exercises. Use the examples of balanced arguments to inspire your class in their own attempts at this genre of writing. Included in the balanced argument lesson pack is an informational PowerPoint which explains what a balanced argument is and best practice on how to write one. There is an example of a balanced argument regarding whether homework should be banned, as well as a planning sheet and checklist to ensure your KS2 class are fully equipped for the lesson.

The pupils have been creating a balanced argument based on the environment. the expected standard: Morgan Spooks and scares. Pirates. 2018 national curriculum assessment Key stage 2. Balanced argument template Join Scholastic Resource Bank: Primary from just £15.00 a year to access thousands of KS1 and KS2 resources. We need your resources! Your Year 5 class will use their learning and understanding of the different features of a balanced argument to create a formal, cohesive and effective discussion text. In writing a balanced argument, it is important that students consider the positive and negatives of the issue. Fairground. Teacher assessment exemplification: end of key stage 2. LITERACY WAGOLL. Click here to find out more!

Discussion Texts . (Write a review) A template children can use to structure an argument. Models for writing - discussion (balanced argument) Models for writing - discussion (balanced argument) This document is part of a suite of materials each of which exemplifies the written requirements of curriculum 2014 within a chosen text type or genre. English writing.
Advertisement: Discussion Texts : Writing a Balanced Argument (Lynda Spencer) Discussion Texts - Zoos (Jo Powell) Discursive Writing: Pets (Melanie Braithwaite) Writing a Speech (Lee-Marie Aslett) Discussion (Wendy James) PDF; Point of View (Paul Cockcroft) HTML / PDF; … This resource has not been rated yet. Add to My Folder. Discussion Texts . Therefore the first task was to unpick the WAGOLL (what a good one looks like) and discuss the Rubric. Home WAGOLL Texts Storytube Topics Resources Upload Blog Home WAGOLL Texts Storytube Topics Resources Upload Blog Search We need your WAGOLL texts!! At the beginning of the week pupils didn’t understand how to create a balanced argument or even what it was. Working at . Click here to find out how to contribute!

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