Indeed, teaching designed to raise test scores typically reduces the time available for real learning. Ignored Creativity. Students are aware that their test scores may affect their future,... Favoritism. For educators, poor student performance may result in a loss of funding and teachers being fired. And it’s naïve to tell teachers they should “just teach well and let the tests take care of themselves.” Indeed, if the questions on the tests are sufficiently stupid, bad … In Oklahoma, for example, high school students must pass four standardized tests in order to graduate, regardless of their GPA. For students, a bad test score may mean missing out on admission to the college of their choice or even being held back. Dose of reality: test makers are for-profit organizations.
Creativity is suppressed by Yes/No or multiple choice questions. Why Standardized Tests Are Bad? Instead - like a standardized test - often the 'answers' are either right or wrong. Student Cheating.

The test can only achieve that laudable purpose if the student meaningfully takes part in the test by attempting to answer all of its questions to the best of the student’s ability. It is a prescriptive, rather than an investigative, education we deliver now .. which often doesn't produce enthusiastic, imaginative learners. My poems are a whole lot cheaper than Mary Oliver’s or Jane Kenyon’s, so there’s that.

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