Conceptualized as intensified attachment behavior which is elicited at separation or loss or threat of separation, PTSD responses represent an inherent, though exaggerated, attempt to ensure protection and security. Since it was initially introduced, attachment theory has become one of the most well-known … Attachment theory, pioneered by John Bowlby, holds that an individual’s emotional and interpersonal development throughout life can be understood, and is ultimately shaped by and rooted in, a system of attachment behaviours they form and internalize during a critical period in early life. Why Disorganised attachment isn’t always an indicator of abuse – October 2017 – New research into attachment theory shows that several pathways can lead to the ‘disorganised attachment’ classification in young children, not just abuse, and the implications of this new evidence are very important for social workers to consider. Emotion coaching can also be used by social workers, to some extent. Abstract.

The work of Howe and his colleagues has been influential and important in applying many of the ideas and theories to social work (Howe et al, 1999); Beek and Schofield (2004) have been active in applying attachment theory to fostering; and I have previously written about the relevance of attachment theory to child

This theory is very appropriate in this context because of its fit with social work concepts of person-in-situation, the significance of developmental history in the emergence of psychosocial problems, and the content of human behavior in the social environment.

But it may be less well known that the theory can … Attachment theory can also inform decisions made in social work, especially in humanistic social work (Petru Stefaroi), and court processes about foster care or other placements.

The story of the theory’s clinical take- up has been more mixed but this appears to be changing quite rapidly.
An attachment refers to the strong emotional bond that exists between an infant and his or her caretaker. Attachment theory can also inform decisions made in social work, especially in humanistic social work (Petru Stefaroi), and court processes about foster care or other placements. It provides an historical overview of attachment theory, a brief summary of the key points of attachment theory, and an overview of the main measures used in attachment research in developmental psychology.

attachment theory holds promise for social work clinicians and researchers alike, especially given the current emphasi s in our f ield on “evidence -based practice. But it may be less well known that the theory can also be …

The assessment triangle (Department of Health, 2000) that is used by social workers takes an ecological approach to assessment (Bronfenbrenner, 1979). Attachment theory in psychology originates with the seminal work of John Bowlby (1958). Attachment theory is applied to understanding and treatment of the anxiety condition of post-traumatic stress disorder in adults.
Attachment theory will be a familiar concept for social workers who work with children; a model to understand how early experiences of care influence a child’s strategies for gaining protection and comfort.

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