Jenny Holzer was born in Gallipolis, Ohio, in 1950. Here, artists including Jenny Holzer, Guerrilla Girls, Betty Tomkins, Ed Ruscha, DFace and Shepard Fairey present their own take on the word, using it for a wide array of expression, be it political, ironic, poetic, typographic, abstract or conceptual. 16 x 23 x 15 3/4 inches (40.6 x 58.4 x 40 cm) TEXT READS ON TOP: AN ELITE IS INEVITABLE ANY SURPLUS IS IMMORAL HUMANISM IS OBSOLETE HUMOR IS A RELEASE MONEY CREATES TASTE MURDER HAS IT’S SEXUAL SIDE SOLITUDE IS ENRICHING TRUE FREEDOM IS FRIGHTFUL She presents messages in ways that reach people outside of museums and galleries, such as on stone benches, signs, posters and T-shirts. The Legacy of Jenny Holzer. Holzer began creating these works in 1977, when she was a student in an independent study program.

She hand-typed numerous "one liners," or Truisms, which she has likened, partly in jest, to a "Jenny Holzer's Reader's Digest version of Western and Eastern thought." As her reputation has grown, so have the dimensions, scope and audience for Holzer's work. Words are central to Holzer’s work, whether pasted on a wall, flickering from an electronic sign or carved in granite. Utilising electronic technologies, the artist explores the nature of public art, communication and human interaction. Jenny Holzer is an artist renowned for her direct and hard-hitting text-based installations, which highlight the power of free speech. She received a BA from Ohio University in Athens (1972); an MFA from the Rhode Island School of Design, Providence (1977); and honorary doctorates from the University of Ohio (1993), the Rhode Island School of Design (2003), and New School University, New York (2005). The phrase comes from Holzer’s earliest series – the Truisms of 1977–79. Jenny Holzer Truism Footstool (Starvation is nature’s way…) 1988 Baltic brown granite bench. Her approach to language, choice of unusual settings, and focus on issues of social and cultural importance have influenced a generation of neo-Conceptual artists. As one of the most recognizable conceptual artists of her time, Jenny Holzer’s work strives to explore the spirit of art, giving special prominence to the use of language. She wrote some 300 short sentences, from the now well-known ‘Abuse of power…’ to more playful or more contentious sentiments such as ‘Morals are for little people’ and ‘Loving animals is a substitute activity’.

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