This essay explores Aristotle’s treatment of imagination. Aristotle sometimes recognizes as a distinct capacity, on par with perception and mind, imagination (phantasia) (De Anima iii 3, 414b33–415a3).Although he does not discuss it at length, or even characterize it intrinsically in any detailed way, Aristotle does take pains to distinguish it from both perception and mind. Aristotle on Imagination and Action: Introduction - Volume 29 Issue 1 - R. J. Hankinson, Marguerite Deslauriers Skip to main content We use cookies to distinguish you from other users and to provide you with a better experience on our websites. Aristotle, Aeterna Press (2015). “On the Soul”, p.66, Aeterna Press “On the Soul”, p.66, Aeterna Press Opinion involves belief (for without belief in what we opine we cannot have an opinion), and in the brutes though we often find imagination we never find belief.

It argues that Aristotle need not be charged with the radical inconsistency in his treatment of phantasia diagnosed by Hamlyn. But the point of this exercise - not to mention its urgency - is left unclear. Aristotle's treatment is morally neutral, but his notion of desirous imagination may later have become conflated with the Hebraic concept of yetser, the willful (but also semi-divine) faculty in humanity that led to Adam's (and, indeed, all subsequent) sin. Le terme d’apparition ne rend pas tellement le sens de la phantasia, qui peut désigner aussi bien un fantôme de l’imagination qu’une représentation issue des sens.

D., « The Cognitive Role of Phantasia in Aristotle », Essays on Aristotle’s « De Anima », Oxford, 1992, p. 279-80). Why Aristotle Needs Imagination VICTOR CASTON In De anima 3.3, Aristotle argues at length that animals have a distinct, new capacity he calls 'phantasia.'

Imagination. Aristotle on Imagination and Action: Introduction R. J. HANKINSON University Texas at Austin of MARGUERITE DESLAURIERS McGill University Ever since Brentano's development of intentional psychology at the end of the nineteenth century, philosophers have turned to Aristotle's philosophical account of the soul with more than merely antiquarian interests in mind.

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