Really YouTube; really?? HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — A federal judge is set to hear arguments this week in a lawsuit that attempts to force the state of Connecticut to take new measures to protect prison inmates from the coronavirus. However, not all people agree on how useful they are and whether they fulfill the aims of punishment effectively. Federal, state and local governments, struggling to balance their budgets, are examining options for increasing revenues and reducing costs.

While prison may seem like the obvious solution to anti-social behaviour, it is the least effective approach to making the community safer. Unfortunately, many corporations have a reputation of focusing on profits over purpose, which can create numerous hardships. Central to the arguments to promote prison reforms is a human rights argument - the premise on which many UN standards and norms have been developed. American prisons house more than 1.5 million individuals, an increase of more than 390 percent since 1978. As a result, violence among inmates and assaults on correctional officers is more frequent in private prisons. There are three steps governments across Africa can take to avoid COVID-19 spreading through over-crowded prisons.

This growth persisted even in the face of an overarching decline in crime rates since the 1990s and the longest terms of incarceration since we began to collect accurate data. Don’t end federal private prisons. The entire argument for private prisons rests on cost-savings. ? It’s time to rethink our approach to crime. Across the country, the proliferation of supermax conditions in prisons has brought with it a number of lawsuits from inmates and outcry from human rights and inmate advocacy groups. By . Here are some arguments for and against the use of prisons: For Prisons are an … They exceed capacity and are under-resourced. But are they good for our society?

The prison abolition movement is a loose network of groups and activists that seek to reduce or eliminate prisons and the prison system, and replace them with systems of rehabilitation that do not place a focus on punishment and government institutionalization. U.S. District Court Judge Janet Bond Arterton will hold the hearing by video conference … Read all our COVID-19 coverage Across the continent, prisons are overcrowded.

The prison abolitionist movement is distinct from conventional prison reform, which is the attempt to improve conditions inside prisons. Private prisons represent much less of the state systems — about 7% — but the state systems are much bigger.

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