Anti-Slavery Collection The nucleus of this collection was presented to the Library in the late 1890s by the family of William Lloyd Garrison and other individuals involved in the anti-slavery movement. Abolitionism (or the Anti-Slavery Movement) in the United States of America was the movement which sought to end slavery in the United States immediately, active both before and during the American Civil War.In the Americas and western Europe, abolitionism was a movement which sought to end the Atlantic slave trade and set slaves free. Elizabeth wrote… Read More

Black and white abolitionists in the first half of the nineteenth century waged a biracial assault against slavery. The Revolution had a major impact on attitudes about slavery, particularly in the Upper South. An Anti-Slavery Society In 1832, in a simple wood meetinghouse near Adrian, Michigan, the first anti-slavery society in Michigan was formed. Return to Top of Page Leaders: Bailey, Gamaliel, MD, 1807-1859, Maryland, abolitionist leader, journalist, newspaper publisher and editor. One of the Quakers was Elizabeth Chandler. On 8th April, 1825, Lucy Townsend held a meeting at her home to discuss the issue of the role of women in the anti-slavery movement. We won't stop until we bring freedom for all. While initially a huge setback for the anti-slavery movement, opposition to this law and to the Democratic administration worked to mobilize disparate political groups against a common cause. The Anti-Slavery Movement of England began in 1770 with Lord Mansfield's reluctant decision to abolish slavery in Great Britain. Abolitionism, also called abolition movement, (c. 1783–1888), in western Europe and the Americas, the movement chiefly responsible for creating the emotional climate necessary for ending the transatlantic slave trade and chattel slavery. Co-founded Cincinnati Anti-Slavery Society in 1835. abolitionists began spreading the word, writing books, newspapers. This was the perfect climate to organize the new party that Lane and others had envisioned years earlier. Publisher and editor of National Era (founded 1847), of the American and Foreign Anti-Slavery Society.

In the first few years after the Quaker movement began in 1652, slavery would have been outside the experience of most Quakers, as it was not much practised in Britain. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

The anti-slavery movement grew from peaceful origins after the American Revolution to a Civil War, or War Between the States, that effectively ended slavery while severely damaging the women's rights movement.

In the beginning there was a lot of stubbornness from Parliament to prevent the abolition of slavery.

Start studying Anti-Slavery Movement. Slavery is not simply a historical phenomenon.. American Anti-Slavery Society During the 1830’s, women became deeply involved in antislavery societies.

After the Revolution many slave owners throughout the new republic chose to free their slaves for moral or ethical reasons. They were born into a slave-holding family, but rejected their family and joined the Quakers who were notable abolitionists. Donate to Anti-Slavery International and help bring freedom to a child in slavery. Some of the people in this meeting were Quakers, a religious group that spoke out against slavery. Abolition, Anti-Slavery Movements, and the Rise of the Sectional Controversy Part 1: Anti-Slavery Activists | Popularizing Anti-Slavery Sentiment Part 2.

In the beginning there was a lot of stubbornness from Parliament to prevent the abolition of slavery.

There were many staunch supporters to Abolitionism, being stern and uncompromising enemies of slavery. The Grimke Sisters, Angelina and Sarah, were among early activists in the anti-slavery movement during the 1830s. The anti-slavery movement and the abolitionist movement have the same idea but each have a different purpose.

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