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Proof is that breast cancer cures were founded when a scientist found that breast cancer were caused by hormones - he was researching on guinea pigs and found this. Footnotes and pictures do referable enumerate inbehalf the developed vocable enumerate.

DEBATE: Should testing on animals be banned? 10 times the amount of animals that are used in animal testing are killed for other less honorable reasons. Animal testing statistics show that thousands of dollars are spent every year on animal testing and the activities cost the lives of millions of animals.

Fast Fact: According to Lexington Herald-Leader, a reputed media network, millions of tax-payer dollars are wasted on … To be born into the world on a concrete floor and be made to lead a life with no freedom is worse than having no life.

Not only are these non-animal tests more humane, they’re also more relevant to humans and have the potential to be cheaper and faster. Specific evidence points that animal testing should not be allowed; however the debate is also on moral grounds.

Several people, about 60% of the population, agree that animal testing should be banned because it is just wrong.

Other millions of animals are killed by automobiles (Cats, dogs, raccoons, foxes, deer).

Animals are hunted and fished and are culled by animal controllers (raccoons, rats mice for the purpose of pest control).

Should testing on animals be banned?Strict 800 vocable maximum! I deficiency the best ventilate concocted as potential. Animal testing is reasonable because without animal testing, many cures for cancer and other fatal diseases would not be invented yet. Provide singly the best statements examples, operative points!

There are many non-animal research methods that can be used in place of animal testing. Cats and dogs are euthanized every year for not apparent reason than bored owners.

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